Thursday, October 11, 2012

I can now send Scarlet Woods to any Kindle!

Okay, I am now able to send my book to any kindle device! Ah, I'm so excited! I am wanting to put Scarlet Woods out on Amazon to buy in December but if anyone is interested in reading and reviewing it now just let me know through my email and I'll email you a copy!

I have Scarlet Woods up on goodreads, but I'm in the process of changing my author name back to Brooke Passmore, I know I'm fickle. The author program on goodreads is messing up for me, but Scarlet Woods is there on goodreads if anyone wanted to look it up.

If any bloggers reading this like to help promote books that they have read and would like to do a book giveaway or author interview or anything like that just let me know because it sounds like a lot of fun to be apart of!

Oh, and season 4 of the Vampire Diaires starts tonight!!! I'm am ecstatic and probably won't be able to keep still until seven o'clock finally gets here. Go Team Delena!


  1. Dear Brooke,
    I'd LOVE to promote you on my Blog!
    If you're interested, please send a email to this address: whyterhose[dot]blogspot[at]
    Remy xx

  2. Hi Remy! I would love to discuss promoting Scarlet Woods on your blog. Do you have another email address I can contact you by? When I'm sending you a message on the email here it's saying that the message wasn't able to send. Or if you want just send me an email at Thanks so much!