Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book cover for Scarlet Woods!

I have completely finished Scarlet Woods! I edited and reread everything so many times and finally I am done! It took me almost two years for it to be overall satisfied with it.

I am already over 100 pages into my next book and it's coming along smoothly. It had been so long since I had fully written like this and it makes me happy to continue my characters' stories. For months I have just been revising and editing my book that I hadn't gotten to write as much as I would have wanted. I feel as if writing this book is much easier than when I wrote the first one. The first book I wrote took me longer because I didn't work on it all the time at the start of writing it like I did near finishing it. Now all I do is write so I feel like I should finish writing the second one so much quicker than the first.

I have also started creating my book cover! I love it! I hope that everyone does too. I tried to put a door in the background because if anyone has read the synopsis of Scarlet Woods then they'd know that there's a door that is a major part of the story.

Sorry I haven't written on my blog in like forever and I am going to try to keep up with it. With any luck I will try to get my book onot ebooks by late summer.


  1. I love the cover you have, the girl is gorgeous, maybe a darker woods, though?

  2. I really like your cover! love the dress!

    new follower,